The Treetops Chamber Music Society, Inc. is formed for the purpose of educating the public about chamber music. In furtherance of its educational purpose, the Treetops Chamber Music Society, Inc. shall:

• Present chamber music concerts to the public to demonstrate the richness and diversity of chamber music

• Present chamber music concerts, programs and activities for children and young individuals to develop their musical interests and further their understanding of music

• Present Young Artists’ Concerts to compliment the musical education of young artists

• Commission and present new works to establish a place of communication between today’s composers and today’s audiences, as a means to educate the public about new chamber music

• Sponsor and arrange for the recording and public dissemination of chamber music performances, so as to make chamber music more accessible to the public

The Treetops Chamber Music Society is a Connecticut 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

Board and Committees