Arriaga Competition Application and Guidelines

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For reference, you may review the competition application and guidelines below.


DEADLINE: March 28, 2015, 11:59 pm (EST)

LIVE FINAL ROUND: April 26, 2015, 1:45 pm at Purchase College Conservatory of Music Recital Hall, Purchase, NY.

This competition is open to chamber music ensembles with or without piano, including duos with piano. Age limit is 18-30 years old ensemble average, with no individual member older than 35 at competition time.

2015 Arriaga Competition Finalists and Program



This year applications will be submitted via email.

Step 1: prepare the application content as specified below. Be sure to contact us well in advance if you have any questions. Address your questions to Oskar Espina Ruiz:

Step 2: make sure you format the application content according to the guidelines below, including document names.

Step 3: submit your application fee payment via the PayPal button below.

Step 4: email your complete application in a single email with attachments, titled “YourEnsembleName- Arriaga2015,” by the deadline to:

DEADLINE: March 28, 2015, 11:59 PM (EST). Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.



Application Part 1:

–A single Word document.

–Document title: “YourEnsembleName- Arriaga2015”

–Document content:

1. Name, instrument, date of birth and contact information of each member of the participating ensemble (complete address, phone number, email address), specifying who will be the sole contact person for the ensemble.

2. Biography of the participating ensemble.

3. Biography of each member of the participating ensemble.

4. Program for the live round of the competition: three contrasting chamber music works, or three movements from three separate works. The proposed live round program duration must be 12 minutes of music, which may require that some movements be performed in part. The ensemble will have to set starting and ending measure numbers beforehand to meet the length requirement and avoid being stopped by the jurors at the live round. Be sure to choose a program that features the ensemble’s strengths. If selected a finalist, this will be the program that you will perform at the live round, without being interrupted by the jurors, unless you go overtime. No scores are necessary for jurors. The finals are open to the public. Please, type the program info exactly as it should appear in the program (be sure to review it for typos or incompleteness). Here is an example of a live round program:

Trio Cleonice
(Ari Isaacman-Beck, violin; Gwen Krosnick, cello; Emely Phelps, piano)
Brahms (1833-1897): Piano Trio in B Major, op. 8: I. Allegro con brio
A. Berger (1912-2003): Piano Trio (1980): I. Moderato
Beethoven (1770-1827): Piano Trio in G Major, op. 1 no. 2: IV. Finale. Presto

5. Audio for the Preliminary Round:

Links to the audio samples (including password when necessary).

The audio for the Preliminary Round needs to be a live recording of the participating ensemble performing the proposed program for the live round of the competition (4). You may submit complete movements, exceeding the 12 minutes for the live round, but this is not required. Audio samples may include video, but video is not required. This is the most important component of your application. Once you upload your samples to SoundCloud, Dropbox, YouTube, your own website, or other, please make sure the links are active, and remain active, until the competition finalists are announced. Please listen to the links you submit to be sure that the quality of the audio is a fair representation of your performance.

6. Additional ensemble repertoire information: list two different full-concert programs in the repertoire of the participating ensemble. These programs don’t need to be performed at the competition, but should be well balanced. We welcome innovation, in terms of rediscovering lesser-known quality works for example, and encourage the performance of quality contemporary works. However, each program should be diverse and appealing to a general audience, for which including a well-known masterpiece is wise. Each program should be logistically efficient, especially in the case of mixed chamber ensembles, with all members involved in at least one third of the program.


Application Part 2:

A photo of the participating ensemble or individual photos of each ensemble member (JPEG, at least 200 K or 500 pixels wide).

–Title, when submitting a single JPEG for the ensemble: “YourEnsembleName- Arriaga2015”

–Titles, when submitting a JPEG per each ensemble member: “YourEnsembleName- LastName-Arriaga2015”


Application Part 3:

Proof of age of each member of the participating ensemble.

–A single PDF (see help note below).

–PDF title: “YourEnsembleName- ID-Arriaga2015”

–PDF content:

A copy of the driver’s license or passport of each member of the participating ensemble as proof of age.

HELP NOTE: once you scan each document individually, be sure to use the “Combine Files into a Single PDF” feature in Adobe Acrobat, to merge all individual PDF-s into a single PDF.

Application Part 4:

Receipt of Application Fee Paid.

–A single PDF (see help note below).

–PDF title: “YourEnsembleName-PayPal- Arriaga2015”

–PDF content:

Once you submit the application fee for the ensemble using the PayPal button below, please save the PayPal receipt, or PayPal payment email confirmation, as PDF in your hard drive. Then change the title of the PDF as indicated above and submit it as Part 4 of your application.

HELP NOTE: how to save as PDF the PayPal receipt or email confirmation: open it and click “print.” Under “Destination,” select “Save as PDF.”  Then change the title of this PDF as indicated above and submit it as Part 4 of your application.



A non-refundable application fee of $30 USD per ensemble member, to be submitted prior to the deadline using the PayPal button below.

After choosing your ensemble type from the drop down menu and writing your ensemble name, please click on the “Add to Cart” button below. If necessary, change the Quantity in the PayPal Treetops CMS Shopping Cart that pops up, to make sure you submit the complete application fee ($60 for a duo; $90 for a trio; $120 for a quartet; etc).

Choose your ensemble type
Write your ensemble name


Finalists will be announced via email approximately ten days after the deadline.

The Arriaga Competition Finals will take place at:

Purchase College Conservatory of Music

735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY 10577


Campus Map

The J. C. Arriaga Chamber Music Competition is not responsible for the competitors’ travel, lodging, food or other expenses. However, the Arriaga Competition may be able to arrange a free ride from the nearest train station to Purchase and back, as well as free lodging at the home of friends of the Arriaga Competition. If you are selected a finalist and wish to receive free transportation from the train station and free lodging, please email us immediately with your request, indicating your estimated date/time of arrival and departure, and your name(s) and instrument(s). In the past, the Arriaga Competition has managed to offer finalists free transportation from the train station and free lodging at homes of friends of the Arriaga Competition. No guarantees.

The participating ensemble must be exempt from management contracts and commissions for their Arriaga Winners Concert performance at Treetops CMS, if invited as a prizewinner or other.

The participating ensemble, or any of its members or representatives, must not make any attempt to be in contact with any juror during the competition.

Ensembles that are not ready to perform when called by the jury at the competition finals may be disqualified.



1st Prize: Cash award of $2,500 and an invitation to perform a joined paid concert at the Treetops Chamber Music Society.

2nd Prize: Cash award of $1,000 and an invitation to perform a joined paid concert at the Treetops Chamber Music Society.

The judges reserve the right to withhold any or all awards. The judges’ decision is final.

The results of the competition will be announced to the finalists by email the evening of the competition and will be posted on this website.

Additionally, finalists will receive jurors’ comments via email (PDF).



David Geber:
Vice Provost and Dean of Artistic Affairs, Cello and Chamber Music Faculties, Manhattan School of Music; Founding Member, American String Quartet.

Charles Neidich:
Clarinet Faculty, Juilliard School; Mannes College of Music; Manhattan School of Music; Queens College, CUNY; Founding Member, Mozzafiato; Artist Member, New York Woodwind Quintet.

Julia Lichten:
Cello Faculty, Manhattan School of Music; Purchase College Conservatory of Music.

Paul Ostrovsky:
Piano Faculty, Purchase College Conservatory of Music; Founding Member, Moscow Conservatory Trio.

Oskar Espina Ruiz:
Clarinet and Chamber Music Faculties, University of North Carolina School of the Arts; Artistic Director, Treetops Chamber Music Society.



Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Address your questions to Oskar Espina Ruiz at: